In Lists, dependent choice fields return all choices when the depending field still has value of none. This is opposite behavior from Form View.


Build information:
New York and previous

Issue Description:
From a List view, when --none-- is defaulting or otherwise selected as the current value of a dependent field, ALL choices are listed on the depending fields. This is the opposite behavior from Form View of the same fields, where NO choices appear until the dependent field has a value other than --none--.

Business Impact:
- It may be expected that no choices are available on the depending choice list, until a valid value is selected per the [sys_choice.dependent_value] configuration.
- This is how the platform works on the Form view of the same fields.
- The difference in behaviors is confusing.

1. In a list view, an end user is able to see all choice options for a field which should be restricted based on the value of a dependent field.
2. This happens when the dependent field's choice is defaulting or otherwise set to none.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Navigate [incident.list] for a list of incident records.
2. If needed, personalize the columns to ensure the 'category' and 'subcategory' columns are displayed.
3. Filter the list where 'category' is '--none--' (There should be a few on an OOB instance)
4. Try cell-editing either the subcategory or category column.

No options should be available for subcategory, since no no subcategory choices are configured for a '--none--' category.

All choices are available.

If you now select one of the records to open the form view, you will notice the subcategory is empty until a valid category is selected.


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