VTB: When creating a new visual task board, the dropdown menus for "Vertical Lane Field" and "Swimlane Field" are not sorted when using a language other than English


Build information:
New York

Issue Description:
- When you create a new Visual Task Board, the originating screen for Data-driven board as 2 dropdown options: Vertical Lane Field, Swimlane Field
- In English language, the options are in alphabetical order
- In other languages, the same choices are not ordered.

Business Impact:
The expectation set from English version is the fields would be alphabetically sorted in other languages.

Steps to Reproduce

Please activate a language (ex: German) plugin on your testing instance

1. Navigate to Self Service > Visual Task Boards
2. Create New
3. Select Data-Driven Board
4. Select any option for 'Task Table'
5. Open dropdown for affected options( Vertical Lane Field, Swimlane Field)

Expected behavior:
These fields should be alphabetically sorted

Actual behavior:
They appear unsorted

Repeat the steps in second language versus English to compare.


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