vendor risk assessment does not move to 'Responses Received' state


Upon complete a vendor risk assessment via the vendor portal and submitting the assessment back for review, the Vendor risk assessment doesn't change the state from 'Submitted to Vendor'

Release or Environment



Questionnaire instances are in cancelled state


In this scenario, the Questionnaire are not visible on the portal and 'View Response' button is not showing up as the 'assessment instances' of those questionnaires are 'cancelled'.

The questionnaires are being cancelled by the schedule job named 'Cancel Expired Assessments'

In OOB the job was updated to avoid the assessment instances related to 'Vendor risk' but the update was not applied to the instance and therefore the assessment instances were cancelled and hence the issue occurred.

To avoid the issue, please import the OOB version of the job so that the 'vendor risk' assessment instances will not be cancelled.