KB Articles are not viewable by non-itil users, or any other non-"xyz" role


You may encounter an issue wherein specific users are seeing the following message:  You do not have sufficient privileges to access this knowledge item


Usually you'll find that normal lower-level users (ex: non-itil) will have this issue.  There may be several reasons for this, but in this KB we will investigate the ACL + Roles to check.  It's possible that several KB's have been created with a specific role [kb_knowledge.role] specified.  This prevents users from seeing the KB based on the role check in the following OOB ACL:


This can cause confusion if the "Roles" field is no longer present on the [kb_knowledge] Form and/or List views.  This can be the case if other means are typically used for control, like User Criteria.


You can confirm/resolve this by adding the 'Roles' field to your Knowledge Form and/or List, or by examining the 'Show XML' data of a [kb_knowledge] record.  Updating the Roles on the KB or ensuring the affected user has the expected roles should resolve this issue.