Linux Server pattern calculate the total diskspace of a Linux Server with Multipath SAN drive incorrectly


When running discovery, the total diskspace of Linux Server CI will be calculated using Linux Server pattern.
This pattern is not able to calculate the correct value if the Linux Server host has Multipath SAN drive.
If we revert to Linux Identity and Linux Storage probes (legacy discovery way), the total diskspace value will be correct.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Get a Linux Server host with Multipath SAN drive.
  2. Run discovery using Linux Server pattern and observe the diskspace column of the created CI. This will be bigger than reality.
  3. Disable the pattern and enable both Linux Identity and Linux Storage probes in Linux classifier.
  4. Run discovery one more time using probes.
  5. The diskspace of the CI created on step 2 will be updated to different value (normally lower). This is the correct result that reflect reality.


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As temporary solution, inside Linux Classifier:

  1. If customer has never used probe: add and activate the Linux Storage probe in "Trigger Probes" related list.
  2. If customer has used probe before: activate the Linux Storage probe in "Trigger Probes" related list.

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