Wrong response message "Target record not found" in Import set API


Returning error message 'Target record not found' when updating a record using import set API. Updates go through and transform is executed without any issues but the response message says 'Target record not found'. When using the admin user as an integration user, everything working as expected.

Error Response :

"import_set": "XXXX",
"staging_table": "u_test,
"result": [
"transform_map": "test transform",
"table": "test table",
"status": "error",
"error_message": "Target record not found"

Please refer below screen shot from POSTMAN :

Release or Environment



ACL restricting to update/insert or reading the record.


Add integration user role to the ACL. For instance integration user has a role, "Web_service_admin"  add this role to ACL. Check both the read/write ACL and this role to the ACL. After this change integration user is able to insert/update the data and read the data from the target table.

Check below image "Web_service_admin"  role added to the read ACL.

After this test the  import set API, we will get below success  response :