Users overlap in schedule when 'To' 'From' dates are not set specific to user schedule being swapped.


Build: New York

When using the "To" and "From" fields on Members related list for Roster, schedule will show overlap of users if correct dates are not set.

Steps to Reproduce

1. In NY instance create new schedule for Customer Support group
2. Set Brendan Qin and Aileen Mottern as users. Only create one Roster for Primary.
3. In the Roster, click "New".
4. Add Eddie Gauer as new user. Set Order to 0 (same as Brendan Qin) and a From date of 2-11-2020
5. For Brendan Qin Members record, update 'To' to 2-11-20.
6. Open On-Call Calendar for this group.

Notice how Primary users Brendan Qin and Aileen Mottern are overlapping between Feb 13 to Feb 19th (see screenshot).
Per our documentation, it is not stated that the new user needs to be added on a specific day. Users are given the ability to choose which day to add/remove users

From Select the date from which the addition of the new member is valid on the shift.
Note: The user will be active on the shift from the next rotation.
To Select the date until when the addition of the new member is valid on the shift.
Note: If the To date falls in the middle of a rotation, then the user finishes that rotation.


Change the from date for each user in the roster to the day of rotation

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