Windows Could not start MID Server Service


  1. MID Server goes down in the instance.

  2. MID Server Service is not running in the MID Server host machine.
  3. Starting MID Server Service throws error: ‘Windows could not start the <<MID>> service on Local Computer’.

Release or Environment


  1. ‘mid.user’ defined in the config.xml might be corrupt.
  2. The corruption could have been because of recent clone or any changes in the instance impacting sys_user.


  1. Navigate to Guided Setup > ITOM Guided Setup.
  2. Click Get Started.
  3. In the MID Server pane, click Get Started.
  4. Click Configure and enter credentials to create the MID Server user.
  5. Use the above user in the config.xml and start the service.
  6. The service should start running.

  7. MID Server will be UP in the instance as well.

Additional Information

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