Emergency Self Report creates 2 records, one for employee and one for HR


Emergency Self Report creates 2 CRX records when either manager or employee enters a status.  One is viewable by Employee and Manager, the other is viewable by HR.

Release or Environment

Covid 19 Emergency Self Report


Emergency self report does create 2 records one for sn_imt_quarantine.crisis_task_user, and one for sn_imt_quarantine.humanResourceTeam.


It is working as expected,

This is to simulate an HR application.


Covid-19 apps do not use the service now HR Application.  To give a sense of Privacy the role for sn_imt_quarantine.humanResourceTeam, is the only one that can see the second record for private use.  So 2 records are created one for the user and manager, and one for the HR response team.