Virtual Agent - Basic architecture and ACLs


Plugin - Glide Virtual Agent

Alert iconWarning: Please do not modify out-of-box system topics. If these are modified, they might have compatibility issues once the instance is upgraded.
When the out-of-box topics are upgraded by ServiceNow they will get skipped as they have been modified by the user. This might result in Virtual Agent not starting or working as expected.

Virtual Agent Conversations are stored in 2 different tables.

Read Access to:

The sys_cs_message and sys_cs_conversation tables are provided to users with the following roles - interaction_agent/interaction_admin, admin & virtual_agent_admin. You can find these ACLs in your instance.

Write Access to:

sys_cs_message & sys_cs_conversation tables are only provided to 'maint' users (ServiceNow Personnel). You can find these ACLs below in your instance.

Additional Information

Conversation (sys_cs_conversation) stores a record for each conversation.
Topic (sys_cb_topic) contains the records for each of the topics in the instance.
Topic (sys_cs_topic) stores a particular run time of the topic in sys_cb_topic with a user.
Conversation Task (sys_cs_conversation_task) has an entry for every conversation task.

Product Documentation to refer to:

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However, if the OOB system topics have been customized, and the VA plugin is not working after the upgrade, please follow the below steps to repair the plugin:

  1. Click on Repair the plugin
  2. Create a new update set and make it current
  3. Open the sys_upgrade_history_log record for the plugin repair
  4. Go through the Skipped Changes to Review list and open each record
  5. For each record, open the Resolve Conflicts button
  6. If you don’t see any differences you want to keep, click the Revert to Base Version button
    • Repeat this for all skipped changes
  7. Complete the update set