Related list is missing after the installation of an application from repository


Users notice missing related lists in a form after installing the latest version of an application from the repository, because of local updates made to scoped applications outside of the source control in the instance and these are not packaged into the application version when you publish to the repository.

Release or Environment

All Releases.


Local updates made to application/tables outside of the Source Control.


We need to remove the local changes to get the correct state of an application. The below steps are only to be applied in sub-prod instances and ensure that we are not deleting any other record.

  1. Uninstall the application.
    2. Navigate to customer updates table (sys_update_xml.LIST)
    3. Search for local updates made to the application by filtering "Application=Application_name", export the list to XML and keep it as a backup.
    4. Delete all these records.
    5. Remove leftover customer updates records that are related to any object belonging to the application. Example: Search for records in sys_update_xml with the condition "name contains <table/object name from the application>, take backup and delete those records.
    6. Once you are sure that the cleanup of the app is completed, Install the application.