How to add more details to the Approval of a Request or Request item form in NOW mobile


The out of the box configuration for NOW mobile for an approval of a RITM or request is to only show the "approval for" field. If you click on this field (drill into this field) you will see the details of the request or request item form. But if you want to add fields to this form applet itself (request or request item) so users don't have to drill in to see more details you can do so from the backend not in studio.


  1. go to:
  2. click new
  3. in the "screen" field click the magnifying glass
  4. Add "description" field so you can filter the applets by description if you don't know the name or there are some applets with the same name

- In the mobile app, make sure you go back to main screen and refresh. You should see the added field if the correct screen (applet) was picked in step 3.

Additional Information

Out of the box, this is the approval request screen:

Out of the box, this is the approval request item screen: