While trying to setup cloud discovery there is no option for Discover Cloud Resources ( similar to Discovery Quick Start )


Navigate to Discovery > Home. To Discover Cloud Resources in the Welcome screen there is no button to schedule for cloud resources similar to Discovery Quick Start

But for the first time when you load Discovery Homepage, you can see there are 2 options one for "Discovery Quick Start" and other "Discover Cloud Resources" 

How to navigate to Cloud Schedule creation page for cloud discovery from Discovery > Home after the first discovery schedule



First time when you load the Discovery Homepage (which has the 2 options of "Discovery Quick Start" and "Discover Cloud Resources") and the later times when you load the homepage where you see the 4 boxes (Schedules, Discovered Devices, Cloud Resources, Errors) and the little Discovery Quick Start button below.

Now, once you are on the view with the 4 boxes, if you do not have any Discovery Schedules created, then in the "Cloud Resources" box, there will be a button to "Create Cloud Schedule", which would allow you to start with the Cloud Discovery creation process.

Otherwise, if you already have at least one other Discovery Schedule created, then to get to the Cloud Discovery creation, you would have to navigate like below.

1) Click on the "Schedules" box (or click on the "View Schedules" button).
2) On this Discovery Schedules page, on the upper right, there is button "Add Schedule" and a drop down triangle.
If you click on the triangle, there will pop up an option "Add Cloud Schedule" which will then get you to the Cloud Schedule creation page.

You can also see more about this in this Docs article below (see "Add schedules" under the Viewing all schedules section)
- https://docs.servicenow.com/csh?topicname=discovery-home-page.html&version=latest