Rest message to "Auto-generate variables" failing after upgrading to "New York"


Auto Generate Variables doesn't work - When clicking on the related link, there is an "action not authorized" message displayed.

Noticed this behaviour in from "NewYork". 

Release or Environment



1. On NewYork Instance activate "Cloud Management" plugin(
2. Navigate to UI Action
3. Add 'Action Name" column, filter by 'generate_variables'.
4. Duplicate UI Action name found( see attached screen1.png) for UI action "Activate" and "Auto-generate variables"
5. Trigger UI Action will get Error Message: "Action not authorised". (attached screen2.png)

Also in London, on activate of "Cloud Management" plugin, the "Activate" UI action is not present and so no two UI action with same name 'generate_variables'


In New York
Change the UI Action name for 'generate variables', 

Note: This name change will not have any effect on any other functionality.