Replacing characters in an inbound email to use key-value pairs.


ServiceNow Inbound Actions provide many ways to process an email and use the content of the email to populate information in cases, tasks, change requests etc.

One of the ways to get this achieved is by using key-value pairs:


To use this feature efficiently, the content of the email should be in this format key: value

If the content is in a different format, the Inbound Action would not pick the key-value pairs.


This needs to be handled in 2 parts:
1. Replace the characters
2. Process Inbound Action

It has to be done in that order to ensure the email body is updated before the Inbound action is run.

1. Replace the characters:
Write a Before business rule on /sys_email table that runs on 'insert' to replace the characters 
For example, a business rule, before, insert, on sys_email table to check for the character '=' and replace it with ':'

(function executeRule(current, previous /*null when async*/) {

	current.body = current.body.replace(/=/g, ':');
})(current, previous);


2. Process Inbound Action
Write an Inbound Action to process the email using the concepts mentioned in:

Please keep in mind that the business rule is being written on a base system table (sys_email) and this may cause overhead on email processing.