Horizontal Discovery pattern for Linux/Unix fail during Identification, if discovery user does not have a HOME directory


Some organisations might have the policy not to create HOME directory for a particular user in their Linux OS. ServiceNow does not recommend this as a best practice for the Discovery user (i.e. user used for discovery must have a home directory).

If the discovery user is setup without a HOME Directory, the following warning will be captured during pattern execution:
"Could not chdir to home directory /nohome: No such file or directory".

This warning will not stop the pattern execution, but may cause unexpected results depending on the logic used in the pattern.

E.g. we observed that CI insertion for a Linux Server pattern failed with following error:
Insertion failed with error,In payload missing minimum set of input values for criterion (matching) attributes from identify rule for table [cmdb_ci_storage_device]. Add these input values in payload item '{"className":"cmdb_ci_iscsi_disk","values":{"storage_type":"network","size_bytes":"NaN","discovery_source":"ServiceNow" ......

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create a user in Linux server without HOME directory.
  2. Run discovery for that Linux server with that user credential you have just created.
  3. Observe the failed Linux Server pattern.


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As a workaround you can seek an exception for the Discovery user to have a HOME directory.

If this is not possible due to certain internal policy, you can modify the step 13.35 (Get proc_scsi) of Linux Server pattern. Add "nonExistingLineSeparator" as parsing option in this step. You can check the attached screenshot Workaround_PRB1388105.png for the detail.

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