Drag and drop page inspector to cross-origin iframes in chrome and Edge Chromium does not work


The page inspector does nothing when its crosshairs are dragged and then dropped onto an iframe, an external site embedded in the local site's UI. This issue only occurs with some Chrome and Edge Chromium browsers.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Launch instance with Chrome browser.
2. Click on System settings > Developer, Enable Automated Test Framework Page Inspector.
3. Create a UI Page with cross origin iframes, click on Try it.
4. Attempt to drag and drop the page inspector to cross-origin iframes.


This is a browser manufacturer limitation and not a SN issue. Any cross-origin iframes are external sites embedded within the platform UI. The defect expects the Page Inspector to alert the user to the lack of support, and instead does nothing on some browser types. The missing notification would only alert the user that they cannot test an external site with the ATF. ATF will not allow testing external sites anyway.

Related Problem: PRB1388202