Failed transfer plan context to new MID because all MIDs capable of running plan are down


Release or Environment


    1. The MID Server capabilities does not qualify to run the flow.
    2. Thus it logs , all MIDs capable of running the flow are down.
    3. This can also be seen while the available MID Servers are down as well.


    1. Add required capabilities or add 'ALL' as capabilities to the MID Server.
    2. Run the flow designer flow.
    3. It will be successfully processed.

Additional Information

    1. MID Server capabilities define the specific functions of a MID Server within an IP address range.
    2. Several applications, such as Discovery, Service Mapping, Cloud Management, and Orchestration can use capabilities, IP ranges, and MID Server Selection to narrow the pool of MID Servers the applications need.
      Note: At least one capability is required for each MID Server used by Orchestration. See MID Servers for Orchestration for more information.

      The following capabilities are available by default with Discovery:

      • All
      • Cloud Management
      • Nmap
      • PowerShell
      • Resolve DNS
      • REST
      • SNMP
      • SOAP
      • SSH
      • VMware
      • WMI