'Orchestration Virtualization' plugin installs a read ACL on cmdb_ci_vm_object which does not contain cmdb_read


Users are no longer able to access the record in cmdb_ci_vm_instance after the activation of plugin Orchestration Virtualization (com.snc.runbook_automation.virtualization)

cmdb_read role is MISSING from the newly added list. This role was added in Madrid to restrict access to Madrid. Due to the newly introduced ACL on cmdb_ci_vm_object, the ACLs on parent table (which DO contain cmdb_read) are not checked.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Install the plugin 'com.snc.pa.cmp' (Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Cloud Management)
  2. This activates Orchestration Virtualization (com.snc.runbook_automation.virtualization) as a pre-requisite
  3. This plugin installed the below ACL.
    • sys_security_acl_4d99fb5b37063000f5bf1f23dfbe5d31.xml
  4. The ACL has sys_security_acl_role records for the below
    • cloud_user
    • itil
    • ecmdb_admin
    • asset
    • cloud_admin


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