Flow stuck in "Waiting" for an approval that has already been approved


The user has a record where the associated Flow is still stuck "Waiting" for an approval even though the approval has already come through as approved.


In this sort of example the very first thing to try, after verifying that the sysapproval_approver record was approved, would be nudging the Flow.

To do this, we will need to run a background script. Here's an example "nudge" (please note: the nudge API will only work in New York Patch 3 and beyond):

Where "_TABLE_NAME_" is the table the affected record lives on, "_SYS_ID_" is the sys_id of the record (e.g. the sys_id of the incident, change, etc), and the "20" is the amount of time the system should wait before nudging the Flow, in seconds.

So, the above will create a sysevent record with name "flow.nudge_waiting_on" to be executed in about 20 seconds from its creation with a target based on the information specified in _TABLE_NAME_ and _SYS_ID_.

You should be able to run the above script in a background script and nudge the Flow this way.

If the flow does not respond to the nudge although all evidence dictates that it should, there may be a larger issue with the associated sys_rw_action record not having a "flow.listener" for the approval record(s).