Contextual Search Results Returns "No Title" and "No Description" when choosing option "Open Problems"


While using contextual search , searching against "Open Problems" it returns data but with "No Title" and "No Description" showing , although if you preview either of the row you can see there is problem data available.


1. The issue is caused by customization on the problem record in "Search Result Fields" table.

It can be found by navigating to> Contextual Search > Search Result Display Configuration > the record with table as problem and UI type as platform.

Its "Context table" field is empty for OOB record, however it was set to problem




2. This issue can be caused if in the table configuration of the table where search is performed, eg searching on incident table for problem record then incident will be base table, there is no UI type(its blank).Ideally should be platform.

All table configuration records should NOT have empty UI type. Our OOB records all have either platform or workspace UI type.


 (1) This record is used to configure which fields to display in search results list as title, description, and additional fields.

When "Context table" is empty, this configuration applies to problem search results when search from any table, e.g. incident table, case table, etc.

If user wants to have a specified configuration when search from case table, they can create a new record and set "Context table" to case.

Please keep the OOB configuration for general scenario.


After setting it back to empty it works fine.


Read more about "Edit search resource display field record" here - Edit search resource display field record


(2) set the UI type to platform and clearing instance cache will fix the issue.