Flow Designer Issue on using a Data Pill Reference for Look Up Record Step


Using a DataPill->TableName to select a Table Name on a Action=Lookup Record instead of an actual Table Name causes the subflow to error out.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Use Create Record to create a record on a Table (Custom or otherwise)
2.Look up Record by defining the table name from dropdown (change_request) and use condition->sys_id of the record just created.- It works.
3.Use Create Record to create a record on table change_Request
4.Look up record using Data Pill to select the table Name and use condition->sys_id of the record just created 
it does NOT work

It intermittently fails with Error:

*** Ops with errors ***
Order Error Message
12 GlideRecord.setTableName - empty table name

Issue happens on only testing the subflow but if executed on the Flow, works correctly with No Errors.


Release or Environment

New York 


Product Defect PRB1377769 - Fixed in Orlando


Workaround for New York:

This script is generic and same fix needs to be applied on instance where error is seen

var gr = new GlideRecord("sys_variable_value");
gr.value = "{{step[e5afcb04-d05a-43b8-9afd-d8c79be98147].table_name}}";
gr.variable = "4b27f01ec3c632002841b63b12d3ae3a";

Additional Information


Before Upgrading to Orlando , delete the workaround record that was created and then Upgrade. Its fixed in Orlando so we will not need the workaround anymore.