How to remove/edit portal request submission message(s)


After an incident or request is submitted the following message is received telling the user the incident or request has been submitted (see below screenshot).

How to change the message or stop the message from appearing?

Release or Environment

Any Release


The messages are coming from SC Catalog Item widget, which is as per design in Out of the Box instance 


To customize the message, clone the OOB "SC Catalog Item" widget and change the message as per requirement.
You can find the messages starting from line number 95 in Server script of the SC catalog item widget as below:

For example:

m.submitMsg = gs.getMessage("Submit");
m.requestMsg = gs.getMessage("Request");
m.orderNowMsg = gs.getMessage("Order Now");
m.submittedMsg = gs.getMessage("Submitted");
m.submittingMsg = gs.getMessage("Submitting");
m.createdMsg = gs.getMessage("Created");
m.trackMsg = gs.getMessage("track using 'Requests' in the header or");

Please note that this would be customization and it is out of the scope of customer support as we don't support custom codes.

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