Story points not calculating correctly on Agile Board/Sprint Planning tab/Sprint Form


When a Sprint is completed, selecting 'Complete Sprint' will calculate a total of Sprint points (completed, incomplete, cancelled). You may see that there are 0 points calculated, although you know this to be untrue.

This also addresses an issue where new Stories are created for Sprints and Points do not roll up to fields like 'Current Scope Points'. 


Ensure that the rm_story.state Dictionary Override 'attributes' values include 'completed_states' value '3' and 'cancelled_states' value '4'. The full OOB attributes value of the rm_story.state Dictionary Override should be: completed_states=3,cancelled_states=4,close_states=3;4,default_close_state=3,default_work_state=2,default_open_state=1,default_pending_state=-6,pending_states=-6,open_states=1,work_in_progress_states=2;-7;-8

If your attributes values were updated before a version update, you may not have all necessary attribute values.

Additionally, the ScrumUtils and ScrumStatesUtil Script Includes should be OOB


If your rm_story.state Dictionary Override attributes values are not as shown above:

  1. Navigate to any Story record (or navigate to
  2. Right-click in the grey header and select Configure > Dictionary
  3. Click the 'state' field (column_name=state)
  4. In the related lists, select Dictionary Overrides
  5. Select the state Dictionary Override (for table= rm_story)
  6. Ensure that the Override attributes field is checked
  7. Ensure that Attributes is: completed_states=3,cancelled_states=4,close_states=3;4,default_close_state=3,default_work_state=2,default_open_state=1,default_pending_state=-6,pending_states=-6,open_states=1,work_in_progress_states=2;-7;-8
  8. Update

Additional Information

*Note: If you have updated your Dictionary Override for rm_story.state to only include 'close_states', and 'completed_states' is not an attribute, you will see this issue. Please ensure that both, completed_states and cancelled_states attributes exist.