Story points not rolling up to the Sprint after upgrading


After upgrade, all the Sprints are showing zero points even when having stories with points.

This is occurring on both the Agile Board and the Sprint record level.


The state field on rm_story table has an Out-Of-Box override.

When calculating the story points (when there are changes to the Sprint, Release, State or Points field on the Story), the business rule "Handle story changes" is triggered, calling "ScrumUtils" script include. The script include will update the Sprint and will take into consideration the states defined on the dictionary override. If the override has been customized, the process may fail.


Reverting the dictionary override for the state field on rm_story table will get the issue fixed.
If customization is required, make sure to set values for all the different states (cancelled, completed, work in progress, etc.).

Once the dictionary override is properly configured, the story points on the sprint will get populated after any of the stories are updated, if the Sprint, Release, State or Points field is changed, triggering the "Handle story changes" business rule.