Approval History of the record is empty for approval group


Approval history for approval group is empty on records even though the record is approved. This is happening when the flow designer is in place for that particular record which is using the approval group action.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log onto any New York version instance.
  2. Create a flow designer with 'Approval user' and 'Approval group' actions.
  3. Attach the flow designer to any available item.
  4. Submit the item.
  5. Add the 'Approval history' field to the requested item form.
  6. Request for approval/approve the request on the record with both approval user and approval group.
  7. Notice the 'Approval history' field is empty.


Please go to sysapproval_approver table and business rule "Approval Events (Task)", Then search for function "updateTask" and comment below condition (lines 78, 79)
if (!

Related Problem: PRB1372344