How to get the node log entries for async flows that have executed?


Release or Environment

Kingston and above


2020-02-12 12:48:49 (234) worker.2 worker.2 txid=fa621873db7e *** Start  Background transaction - system, user: system
2020-02-12 12:48:49 (236) worker.2 worker.2 txid=fa621873db7e Name: Flow Engine Event Handler
Job Context:
2020-03-14 10:34:59 (581) worker.6 worker.6 txid=255fc3611be7 SEVERE *** ERROR *** Failed to process event: sysevent[e74f4fe91b6340100e24a717ec4bcba7], targetContext: sys_flow_context[ef4f4fe91c634010b4b2503c2a9d8da6], exception:com.snc.process_flow.exception.ProcessAutomationException:  is not a valid component



Additional Information

configure the following Splunk query to search for node logs, you can refine the search to a particular node, txid, worker, etc:

instance=<instance_name_prod> sourcetype=appnode_localhost_log "Search" | sort_time