Upon Logging off on Servicenow Agent App Users are Redirected to Old Classis Mobile App UI


When the end user logs out of the Servicenow Agent App by going into settings option at the bottom of the app, then the user is logged out and redirected to the login page of old mobile app(classic). On clicking on continue button , the homepage of the classic Mobile app appears. User is able to perform all the actions through widgets visible on the Classic Mobile App homepage


This issue is caused by security whitelist check, which is done by system property - glide.security.url.whitelist


  1. Remove the System Property - glide.security.url.whitelist from the table -sys_properties.
  2. Go to System Definition >> Installation Exits >> Logout
  3. Change the line no. 8 of the script from - if (s && GlideSecurityUtils.isURLWhiteListed(s))
        To - if (s)