MID Server Auto Upgrade hanging issues


Auto-Upgrade job from the instance of a MID Server shows in Progress for a longer period without any kind of errors in the 'agent_log'/'Instance Upgrade History' or in the Host 'System_Log'. 

Observed that the Upgrade is hung on 'Deploy Binary Files' and cross-verified that the 'Bin' folder is empty, unable to uninstall the MID Server manually either.

Release or Environment

NewYork Patch4


The MID Server is hung and not responding to the instance. We can test it via start/stop the services and try renaming the MID Server Folder can confirm us that they are no live process associated or running from this location.


  1. First Cross-verified if any process in place or associated hidden process running from this MID Server Folder by trying renaming the MID Folder.
  2. Verified if any sessions are still in memory from the 'Task Manager'.
  3. With Standard reboot of the Host Machine [Windows Server] completed the auto-upgrade successfully.

Additional Information