Handling Dataloss in Sub-Production Instances


When customers need Service Now assistance to restore the lost data, we require a separate team to handle and it involves effort. Service Now supports restoring data only for Production instance due to this very reason. In case, if there was a dataloss scenario on any sub-production or demo instances we do not follow the dataloss process.

Below are few of the techniques that the customer can follow:


Below are the ITIL best practices that we recommend all our customers to follow before making any significant changes to the PROD instance.

  1. Perform a full clone in any of your Sub-Prod instance from your PROD instance.

  2. Mandatorily test all the changes in the Sub-Prod instance and validate the results.

  3. Once you are happy with the results, the same activity can be performed in the PROD without any amendments.

  4. If there is a deviation in the Change plan for PROD instance, please start from Step 1.

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More information on using the Instance Copy tool can be found in Restoring an Instance with the HI Service Catalog.