A Flow Designer Flow is not working - it is showing an error.


The user had a main Flow. Within that main Flow, they were also using a sub-Flow and some Flow Actions.

When attempting to execute the main Flow, they saw some errors and things were not working per their expectation. The user was seeking some feedback as to why this was happening.


It was noted that whenever the user was executing their main Flow, they were seeing some localhost log errors like the below:

Flow Designer: Operation(_FLOW_ACTION_NAME_HERE_.If$1.caabc882db02c010a19d121d13961933.If$2.evalConditions) failed with error: com.snc.process_flow.exception.OpException: unable to evaluate condition for /if/_0_06abc882db02c010a19d121d1396193a = {{0657a5bf-e279-41ab-9842-863b2f52114f.Record.u_field_name.name}}=Maintenance is not a valid conditional expression

In many cases like the above, and not just with "If" Flow logic, a user can resolve the issue by "recompiling" the troublesome Flow Action/sub-Flow/etc.

To perform the recompilation, the user should only need to deactivate the Flow, reactivate, and re-Publish the Flow).

If the issue persists, the user can look to see where the Error is occurring (on what Flow Action or sub-Flow) and they can either delete and rebuild the affected Flow Action or delete and re-add the troublesome sub-Flow.

The above few suggestions should resolve many Flow issues, just as it solved the issue for the affected "If" Flow Action in the aforementioned example.