calendar reminder invite does not set correct date


The reminder invite which gets delivered does not set correct date

Release or Environment

London, Madrid,New York


As there is no mapping present in sys_impex_map table the meeting invite is sent for present day and time


  1. Navigate to sys_impex_map table
  2. Click on new to create a new entry
  3. Provide a name for example icalendar.reminder
  4. Choose table as reminder
  5. Type as icalendar
  6. check Active box and save it.
  7. Go to reminder table add two columns as "remind_me_start" & "remind_me_end"
  8. Go back to icalendar.reminder on sys_impex_map table and add below entries to field maps tab
  9. choose "Mapping to a database field"
  10. Now add external name as "dtend" and database field as "remind me end", take look at below screenshot for reff.


        11. Do the same again but this time add "dtstart" as external name and data base field as "remind me start".

        12. Once the field map is done it should look similar to below screenshot



    13. Once mapping is in place now go to a incident and set it up as shown in below screenshot and you should receive a calendar invite