ISET state is 'Complete' but data is not pulled.


Active Directory integration which suppose to pull data on a daily schedule is not pulling data from last 3 days :



This was caused by 'time out error' while reading LDAP.

The steps used to observe the error and find the time out value:

1) Having the ISET number, in this case ISET0053646, Data Source was identified.

Data Source: 'Integration - Users - Test - Active Direct'
Type: LDAP
LDAP Target: Users

2) Accessing LDAP OU Definition 'Users' to verify if the data exists.

2.1) Click on 'Browse' the following error was reported:
'Error connecting to server'

2.2) LDAP Test Connection, reported:
'LDAP response read timed out, timeout used:30000ms.'

3) LDAP Server involved has set the following values for 'Connection timeout' and 'Read timeout' fields:
Connection timeout = 10
Read timeout = 30



Please increase LDAP Server connection timeout to 30 seconds and Read timeout to 90 seconds:

Connection timeout = 30
Read timeout = 90