Performance Analytics - how to import Manual indicators into an instance


When implementing Performance Analytics and Manual indicators are required, external data needs to be imported into Servicenow.

Release or Environment



This scenario is applicable when external indicator needs to be imported into Analytics.


The scores data needs to manually imported into the [pa_scores] tables as per the steps shown below

Note that you can alternatively, also import the scores data into a custom/temporary table and set up a schedule (automated indicator) to automatically import external data



1 - Load up this URL
https://[your instance name here]

2 - Right click on any of the header column fields like 'Indicator'


3 - Select "Import" from the Menu

4 - Create an Excel Template where you specify which columns are required for the data import




5 - Once template is created then, use the template to insert data

See docs 'Download an import template'



6 - Import external indicator data into table [pa_scores]