Service Portal widgets show Cabrillo buttons and hides Add / Submit / Checkout buttons in Classic Mobile


The Widget "sc-multi-row-active-row" in New York until Patch 6 causes two issues:

1)  Cabrillo buttons are shown in some widgets in Classic Mobile.

2)  On IOS devices, the Add button of popup Multi-Row Variable set and Checkout button of two steps check out are not visible on Service Portal of Classic Mobile App. The popup windows on the Classic Mobile App Service Portal show a totally different layout between New York and Madrid versions.

Steps to Reproduce

1.1 Open Order Guide "New Hire". Cabrillo buttons are visible in "Describe Needs", "Choose options", "Summary".
1.2 Add a catalog item to the cart.
1.3 Proceed to check out and in the order confirmation screen click on cancel. The "Proceed to checkout" buttons appears.
1.4 Submit a record producer or disable the two-steps.
1.5 Order the catalog item. The "Submitting" cabrillo button appears.

2.1 Set the system property "" to true.
2.2 Create a Catalog Item "Testsnc".
2.3 Add a Multi-Row Variable Set to the Catalog Item.
2.4 Add a Variable to the Multi-Row Variable Set.
2.5 Log in the instance with the Classic Mobile App.
2.6 Navigate to "Service Portal -> Service Portal Home".
2.7 Search "Testsnc" and click to open it.
2.8 Add an item to the Multi-Row Variable Set. The "Add" button is not visible on the popup window (n_mrvs.jpg).
2.9 Close the popup window.
2.10 Click the "Order Now" button to submit the Catalog Item. The "Checkout" button is not visible on the popup window (n_two_step.jpg).


This Problem has been fixed in Paris and backported to NP7 and OP1. There is no work around available.

Related Problem: PRB1381803