TableUtils APIs 'dropAndClean' and 'dropTableAndExtensions' do not delete records in extended tables


If a table is extended and the APIs TableUtils.dropAndClean or TableUtils.dropTableAndExtensions are used to drop it, broken orphan records will remain in the extended table.
Unique Key Violation Errors may occur when attempting to re-create the dropped table and import these records again. These records will not be accessible from the UI and can only be removed by SN Support engineers from the database directly.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a custom table extended from sys_metadata.
2. Create a few new records.
3. Navigate to /<table_name>.
4. Observe there are records which are accessible.
5. Drop the table using a script like the following:
doDropTable("<table_name>", true);
function doDropTable(table_name, debug){
var table = new global.TableUtils(table_name); // Creates an instance of a TableUtils class.
gs.debug(table_name+" exists? " + table.tableExists());
if (!debug) {
table.dropAndClean(table_name); // Drops a database table and cleans up references to the table
gs.debug(table_name+" exists? " + table.tableExists());
6. Navigate to /<table_name>.
7. Observe these records are still present but can not be opened or deleted.


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