The Email Account POP3 protocol allows selection of OAuth authentication after enabling plugin "Email - OAuth support for IMAP and SMTP"


ServiceNow Email Account supports OAuth only for IMAP and SMTP protocols, yet when creating a POP3 account OAuth is selectable Email Account's authentication type.

OAuth should not be available when configuring a POP3 account.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Install Plugin: "Email - OAuth support for IMAP and SMTP"
    2. Search email accounts in filter navigator
    3. Create a new Email Account record
    3. Select POP3 for type
    4. Select Authentication type of OAuth

Expected behavior:
OAuth should not be visible as an authentication method for POP3.

Actual behavior:
OAuth is visible as a selection for POP3.


Do not select POP3 if your provider requires OAuth for your inbound email. ServiceNow supports using the IMAP protocol with OAuth.

Set up your IMAP account as documented under Enable OAuth 2.0 for Email . As ServiceNow does not own or maintain these third party services, you must request instructions from your email service provider for how obtain the necessary OAuth parameters needed to input into the ServiceNow OAuth configuration used by the Email Account.


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