Trying to configure activity fields on the CMDB form generates the error message "Not allowing update of property: glide.ui.cmdb_ci_linux_server_activity.fields"


Activity formatter system property fields like glide.ui.cmdb_ci_linux_server_activity.fields are in CMDB workspace scope, but the table they belong to e.g. ci_linux_server belongs to the global scope and causes errors.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Make sure you are in the Global scope.

2. Go to the following record from the demo data: / .

3. If the Activities Formatter is not on the form, add it by configuring the form layout.

4. On the form, click on the funnel icon of the Activities Formatter, and scroll down to click the 'Configure available fields' link.

5. Move some fields from left to right and save your changes. Notice the error message:
"Not allowing update of property: glide.ui.cmdb_ci_linux_server_activity.fields"

6. Change your scope to CMDB Workspace.

5. Repeat steps 2-4. You will get a message asking you to 'click here' in order to update the record in the Global scope, click on it.

7. Repeat step 5 and observe the same error message.

Since the cmdb_ci_linux_server table is in the Global scope, in order to to update the activities fields, we are asked to do it from the Global scope. However, the actual system property glide.ui.cmdb_ci_linux_server_activity.fields is on the CMDB Workspace scope, which is why we can not update it from Global. Looking at other activity.fields properties in the platform, we see that they always sit in the same scope as the table they are referring to.


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