Commit operation triggered with unsaved changes to Studio Application Files generates an error message and causes the execution tracker to disappear without indicating the success/failure of the operation


When a user links app to source control and there are multiple application files opened as tabs in studio, editing the contents of an application file without clicking on "Update" and then committing causes execution tracker to vanish without indicating the status of the commit operation.
Triggering a commit to the remote repository with unsaved changes to the application file only generates the error message "The file '<file_name>' has changes. Are you sure you wish to close ?". 

Steps to Reproduce

1. Set Studio app linked to source control.
2. Create new table1.
3. Commit.
4. Create new table2.
5. Refresh Studio.
6. Open table1.
7. Update the label, but do not Update.
8. Commit.

The message "The file 'table1' has changes. Are you sure you wish to close it?" is displayed.
Execution tracker is lost. 



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As a workaround, close all application file tabs opened in Studio, or save the changes made to application files, and then trigger the commit operation.

Related Problem: PRB1362923