Unable to create new indicator records with licensed Performance Analytics (PA)


After purchasing a subscription for licensed Performance Analytics, creating new indicators are not allowed, and the following message is displayed:

"New Performance Analytics configuration records cannot be created with the complimentary version of Performance Analytics. To create this record, your business must license Performance Analytics. Contact your sales representative for more information."

Release or Environment

All releases


The "Performance Analytics - Premium" (com.snc.pa.premium) plugin needs to be activated after purchasing licensed Performance Analytics.

Navigate to System Definition > Plugins

Use the input search field at the top of the form and enter "Performance Analytics - Premium" to filter the list and show this plugin. There will be an "Install" button, indicating that the plugin has not been installed.


Follow the documented procedure in order to activate the plugin.

Activate the plugin for licensed Performance Analytics

Once the "Performance Analytics - Premium" plugin is activated, new indicator records can be created.