In "Messaging Notifications" how to make sure Message Content of type Buttons do not have any buttons


When we need to send a message to an individual user in Slack or Microsoft Teams, we have to use Message content (messaging_content) of type = Buttons. The catch here is that fields "Script" and "Buttons" are mandatory i.e; we should definitely provide a value for "Buttons" to make use of Message Content. What if we do not want any buttons to be sent out in our messages? Let's check-out how we can do that!

Release or Environment

London and above


UI Policy: "Buttons" on "messaging_content" form is what making the fields "Script" and "Buttons" mandatory. Eventually making Message content(messaging_content) setup to definitely have a button selected.


We need to remove any value added to "Buttons" field on the Message Content form, so that the Message sent out do not have any buttons displayed. For this we have two options:

  1. First option is quiet easy, just make the UI Policy: "Buttons" in-active. That said no longer fields "Script" and "Buttons" are mandatory. Then we can just remove any value given to "Buttons" field. OR
  2. Customize the UI Policy: "Buttons" such that "Buttons" field is not mandatory on Message Content form and as said in our earlier option just remove any value given to "Buttons" field.

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