Duplicate IIS Virtual Directory records can be created if value in 'alias' is more than 40 characters.


Column 'alias' in cmdb_ci_iisdirectory table has a max length of 40 char, out of box. In most cases, 'alias' can be the same as 'name' of the IIS virtual directory and can be over 40 characters in length. This means that any value in 'alias' that are over 40 char will be truncated while inserting the record in CMDB.

This can result in creation of duplicate records as 'alias' field is used as an identifier criterion attribute for IIS Virtual Directory class.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Configure an IIS web server
2. Create a virtual directory with 'alias' that is >40 characters in length.
3. Run discovery on the server running IIS webserver.
4. Take a look at the IIS virtual directory created and note that the the value in alias record is truncated.
5. Run discovery again and note that a duplicate IIS virtual directory record is created.


  1. List IIS Virtual Directory (cmdb_ci_iisdirectory) > Click on the Hamburger button on top left corner of the list > Configure Dictionary
  2. Open dictionary record with 'Column name' = 'alias' and table = cmdb_ci_iisdirectory
  3. Modify value in 'Max Length' field to 255 (from 80) > Click on Update button.

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