Export of a cloud catalog item does not include Catalog UI Action Policy


The problem affects instances on pre-Orlando release with cloud management. If cloud catalog item export functionality is used to move catalog items between instances (for example, from sub-prod to prod), the target instance might end up missing Catalog UI Action Policies after a successful import.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login into an instance 'A' with Cloud Management plugin activated.
  2. Navigate to Cloud admin Portal and create a Cloud Formation Template (CFT)-based catalog item.
  3. Create a Catalog UI Policy and Catalog UI policy action(s).
  4. Export the catalog item.
  5. Now, log into another instance 'B' with cloud management plugin activated.
  6. Import the catalog item that was exported from instance 'A' into instance 'B'
  7. Notice that Catalog UI Policy Actions created on instance 'A' are not available in instance 'B'.


  1. Please import the attached update set "sys_remote_update_set_c706bced0bf1001049040bcb15673aed.xml" as a workaround.
  2. Catalog items exported after the update set is applied should include Catalog UI Policy Actions.

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