User Presence Properties


What are the different User Presence system properties we have in the platform?


When it comes to user presence, we can look at it from two sides, user and system (or client and server).

In order to control how often the end user's browser is firing http requests for the user presence, you have to use the following system property:
glide.ui.presence.interval - Time (in seconds) between presence requests

On the server side, when the system collects users who have recent updates, it is using the following property:
glide.ui.presence.time_back_minutes - How often in minutes you want the system to check for user presence. The default number is 2.
glide.ui.presence.cache_seconds - How often in seconds, the system caches the user presence information. The default number is 5.
More information regarding these properties you can find here:

glide.ui.presence.disabled - This property disables the user presence globally on the instance