WMI Collector deprecation details


Applicable release

New York patch 10 and later


Discovery and Service Mapping using patterns to discover Windows previously used Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Collector. The WMI Collector service was a MID Server component that helped it to communicate with Windows servers.

In an effort to consolidate all the Windows discovery work inside the MID Server, we have removed the need to have a completely different service installed and running just to handle queries that we can perform directly, and much more easily. This also simplifies installation and configuration.

Starting in the New York patch 10 and Orlando release, ServiceNow is deprecating WMI Collector and substituting it with PowerShell on the host machine. This change will be transparent as long as your MID Server is running PowerShell 3.0 up to 5.1.

Prior to New York patch 10 and Orlando

WMI Collector service [wmi_collector.exe] was used by Patterns to discover Windows servers.


Upgrading to New York patch 10 and Orlando

When a MID Server upgrades to New York patch 10 and Orlando, it uninstalls the WMI Collector service. The Discovery and Service Mapping functionalities which previously used WMI Collector service [wmi_collector.exe] to query WMI are going to use PowerShell to query WMI. This setting is controlled by two MID Server properties, which both default to true:

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Impacted products

Discovery and Service Mapping using Patterns


If the same host has MID Servers for Orlando and earlier New York instances, what happens?

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