Delete corrupted record whose Sys ID is -1


A "CHG1234567" is identified as a corrupted record due to the following reasons. 

  1. Not able to make any changes to "CHG1234567" change request
  2. When we try to open the change, it opens a new record
  3. The Sys ID of the change record is set as "-1" 
  4. Try to delete the change record in list view, but it reverts back

Release or Environment



We can delete this record by the following steps.

  1. Login to the instance 'abc'
  2. Navigate to sys_auto_flush.list table and click on 'New'
  3. Select table name as 'change_request' (As the issue is with change record, change_request table is selected. Choose the table appropriately based on the requirement)
  4. Fill the form as below 
    1. Match field = sys_created_on
    2. Age in Seconds = 10 (Record whose age is more than 10 seconds)
    3. Enable checkbox for Active
    4. Enable checkbox for Cascade Delete
    5. Condition Sys ID is -1
  5. Submit the form. 

Once the form is submitted a cleanup job runs every one hour and removes the record.

Additional Information

For more details, please refer below link