"The connection was reset." Action appears to time out when using "Update all" for list of records.


When an end user tries the "update all" UI Action available on a list, they may see that the content pane errors out.  The message displays, "The connection was reset." with a blank page.


The issue is determined to be related to the query which has been constructed in the filter (condition builder).  An Extremely large query becomes problematic when being sent as a payload to different pages via any API.  One indicator is if tiny URL is enabled, and the URL for the list uses a tiny URL.  Despite the luxury of Tiny URL compacting the URL, the query still impacts what you're able to do with such a list.  Please note it is not just a problem with 'Update all' - you're able to receive the same error just right-clicking the filter and selecting 'open new window'


It is our recommendation that any query which requires a tiny URL shouldn't be manipulated outside of just viewing it on a list. 

There are 2 workarounds in this case.

  1. Please check for any commonality at all with the list of records such that you can retrieve the same result set with a more efficient query (This mostly happens when hand-picking values in the condition builder).  It is important to note that the issue isn't the result set being a large number of records, but the very large query that is used to obtain the resulting list.
  2. The other workaround is to just expand the current query, and use cut/paste to fragment the query into smaller-chunked lists at a time instead of all at once.