Agent Workspace New button is not visible on the table in list view in New York even when not configured in 'New Button exclusions list'


In Agent Workspace, 'New' button is not present in the list view even if the table is not configured to exclude the new button in sys_aw_crud_exclusions

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In NewYork declarative actions no longer use sys_aw_crud_exclusions table. Instead the record is created in Declarative Action Assignments with table specific conditions that fail on the specified table. For example, in 'Create New' action definition, open the 'Problem' action assignment, and notice that the  condition is 'current table is not problem'. This is how Declarative actions are excluded on specific tables (creating a DA against the table and setting the condition that it is not the table).

Here is the link to documentation that mentions about this functionality change :


To change this functionality for your table exclusion customizations, you can go to Declarative Action Assignments, identify the action and table affected, and confirm that the Enabled option is not selected. If you want to exclude additional tables, you can create a declarative action assignment.