How to get mandatory task variables through REST API


How to check Mandatory values using REST API for catalog Items and also how to check client-side validations UI policies, client scripts using REST API.

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  1. REST API will skip the client-side validations like UI policies, client scripts, etc because of the REST API process at Server Level. If you want to write validations at the server level you use the business rules.
  2. To check the mandatory Catalog Item variables from the backend, please go to the table "item_option_new", check column "Mandatory" for each catalog item. Column for catalog item is:"Cat_Item"
  3. There is no way via REST API to get the mandatory questions, however, you can anyways create and update and get record using Now Table API (REST APIs) :
           Retrieve records from a table (GET)
           Create a record (POST)
           Retrieve a record (GET)
           Modify a record (PUT)
           Delete a record (DELETE)
           Update a record (PATCH)