We are trying to set up a Custom Knowledge Portal that has different Knowledge Bases than the current Knowledge Portal


We need to set up a Custom Knowledge Portal for a specific group. We do not what to see any other knowledge articles.


1. Custom portal is using kb_home page which is from the Knowledge management service portal plugin. The ability to limit knowledge bases is not available for Knowledge Management - Service Portal in Madrid (available in New York). As the homepage from this portal is being used here, we are using the search functionality as well. 

2. The out of box search source has been modified, this is why multiple bases can be searched for example in your custom portals using the search source. 
<instance name>.service-now.com/nav_to.do?uri=sp_search_source.do?sys_id=c6170ae86721220023c82e08f585efe6

The following steps will resolve the issue seen:
- New portal cannot use 'kb_home' as homepage as this is related to Knowledge service portal. You can try for example 'index' then set the KB homepage field to 'kb_view2'
- The new portal will need to use the original out of box search source.